Nike Air Force 1 Crater Flyknit “Wolf Grey” Provides Stretchy Long-Lasting Style

Nike Air Force 1 Crater Flyknit "Wolf Grey" Provides Stretchy Long-Lasting Style

A familiar Air Force 1 Flyknit upper is combined with a sustainably speckled Crater Foam midsole.

Nike strengthened the air force’s environmental performance by adding renewed animals to its centers and making Flyknit Air Force 1. At least 20 percent in ‘Wolf Grey‘ the Flyknit Air Force 1 crater was developed – the colors were mingled and the look was complete.

The sock-like upper comes in two different colors, often made from stretchy Flyknit. The toes and the quarters are protected by the “Wolf Gray,” while a 3-ton cross between the grey, black and red fillets strengthens the defense. Tabs and heels are made of a linen-like material in an off-white color. There are also a higher-vibration bright red Nike Sportswear sign and volt green insole with the classic Nike Sunburst logo.

In Wolf Grey, we see the many colors of recycled rubber, with the medium-sole Crater Foam and bumpy texture. Extras under the middle leg are centered to minimize weight but are supported by the thigh and toe’s traditional grip pattern.

Wolf Grey” will be published by the Nike website of Nike Air Force 1 Crater Flyknit on May 6th. Your retail price has not been announced yet.

More Sneaker News: The Nike Air Max Pre-Day has been given a sleek “black/gray” makeover.

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