Sotheby’s To Offer Barack Obama’s Player Exclusive Nike Hyper dunk Later This Week


No president like Barack Obama has ever lived in America’s history. The retired leader has graced us with some memorable events during his 8-year tenure, several of which have only been captured on the hardwood. And, as he is known for his basketball passion, Nike has provided Obama with a very unique Hyperdunk, which you can buy this week from Sotheby’s.

It is thought to be one of only two — the second to Obama himself — the pair comes pristine, DS-like. Although it was largely influenced by the former President of the United We Rise colorway, this style is based in part on Olympic patterns, which dress most of the outside of the shoe. The Gray side walls contrast with white leathers and lace units, with navy swooshes, midsoles, and heels adding to the accent. Moreover, there are some open references: the tongue is patched with the presidential seal, and Obama’s position as the 44th POTUS is celebrated in media with the red brightness of his brother.

See below for an in-depth look. The two are available for $25,000 through the “Buy Now” program, a Sotheby service, on February 12th, which means that no auction will be held until the release.

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