Nike By You has been severely underutilized in the last year, most likely due to COVID restrictions. While the platform offered CPFM the year before, its 2020 outstanding changes were simple. But now, since the brand just debuted Dunk Low N7 By you, things are beginning to change for the better.

This installment encourages the athletes Lyle Thompson and Trey Deere to impart their unique styles while you may participate in the design process all the same as previously. To Deere, who has only one example, a combination of red and purple with stitches put above the prior holdovers is preferred. Oversized Swooshes, on top, with woven decorations along the edge. On the other side, Thompson prefers simplicity, providing three color and darning options to a minimum.

Check what is possible below more closely. Although they are out today, in anticipation of restoration you may still tailor your pair on

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