Nike’s first true hands-free shoe officially introduces The Go FlyEase


Nike’s first true hands-free shoe officially introduces The Go FlyEase

Nike’s FlyEase Go

In addition to being a legendary title in a coffee table, ‘better is temporary,’ in NIKE, Inc’s design efforts, it operated as a guiding principle. Although the Oregon company was a younger organization, thanks in large part to that three-word term, it was an innovation powerhouse. Countless ideas that have been incubated and created are certainly still in place. But one of the most ambitious projects under the principle of the temporary existence of changes has been announced by the Swoosh recently: the Nike Go FlyEase.

As the company’s first completely hands-free sneaker, the latest silhouette in Nike’s roster builds on the forward-thinking, accessibility-focused solutions that have previously appeared on the Air Max 90 and Air Jordan 1 FlyEase iterations. At a glance, the shoe appears simple – suggestive of the Sock Dart – but a further examination shows a technically complicated proposal.

The Go FlyEase boasts two positions: “open” and “ready.” Once, in the former position, the laceless, clog-like silhouette resembles a mountain top thanks to the bi-stable hinge initially developed through an internal design contest. The welcoming “ready” position does not involve hands, but instead a normal push-down with one’s feet. Naturally, questions about durability emerged throughout the shoe’s development, but wear-testers discovered that the continuous footbed (referred to as the “diving board“) offered stability and full-length cushioning without affecting the walking or running biomechanics that they had become accustomed to traditional, laced shoes.

Elsewhere, the tensioner band, which runs the length of the shoe and acts as a “midsole” in the “ready” role, provides more protection to the Go FlyEase trip. Created from Nike Regrind-ready, recyclable outsole material, the rugged and robust tooling offers a coating to withstand the sun’s UV rays. Ledge and kickstand ideas on the heel were specifically influenced by the human instinct to remove shoes on the opposite foot. While potential wear and tear are expected, the components appear to boast the robustness and durability of the various weather-ready Nike ACG options.

Enjoy a first official look at the latest in easy-to-use and off-design here below. The Go FlyEase is $120 and comes on February 15 for members with a broader deployment all spring long.

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