The Nike Dunk is the Best look yet in white “free 99”

The Nike Dunk is the Best look yet in white "free 99"

The Nike Dunk LowFree 99,” a combination of New and Old Minds, was revealed by sneaker insiders last month. The top of the header combines the different pastels and balances them with either black or white neutrals underneath. The latter here is on display, as pictured by an unknown retailer, showing the most detailed colorway.

With a quick look, the offer looks like the eBay Dunks. But this connection is subverted quickly as the opposite foot alternates completely with the pallet. On his reds and yellows, the left shines more light, and the latter dresses his head while the former robes most of the heel. Then Brown Swooshes pass parallel with a blue liner to the mint eye. This is then turned to the right as the focus shifts to the cool tones listed above. The design is complemented with “Free.99” tags at the top of the insole.

See Photos for an in-depth look. There is currently no accurate release date, but this summer, it’s sure to hit

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