This Dunk Low Nike SB is inspired by the VX1000 Camcorder of Sony


This Dunk Low Nike SB is inspired by the VX1000 Camcorder of Sony

The handheld camera is a way of capturing their kicking adventures for many skaters.

Dunk Low Nike SB Dunk Low VX1000 Camcorder

The Nike SB Dunk Low was locked in by special thematic iterations rather than by more collaboration. Recently, the highly sought-after silhouette took influence from Swoosh retro versions like the Sony VX1000 Camcorder, ACG Caldera, and Club 58, and now it draws on one of the most prolific instruments in the field of skate culture.

Since its release in 1995, the handheld piece has been considered a part of skate culture, always the go-to camera due to its wide-angled fish eye lens, versatility and usability when filming kickflips and 360 pop-shoves. The specifics of these SB Dunks are comprehensive and can be seen through the camcorder-inspired speech such as “SHUTTER SPEED” and “WHT BAL,” as well as “REC LEVEL” and “PEAK,” which adorn the rear panel. Furthermore, the eyelets were painted red and yellow, as the camera pause and stop buttons are symbolic.

Tumbled leathers of high quality make up its upper composition. The forefoot and midfoot regions combine white overlays with the boxes of the charcoal toe and the quarters. A faded black tone then interrupts the tongues, laces, and background, whilst the branded heel is cut in a hint of teal background. Inserts also continue to print out the video mantra “0:00:01” as if it was filmed.

On 20 February 20, 2021, the skate shops will start exclusively in Europe and Asia, via Nike SB’s Orange Label.

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