This Nike Air Force 1 Experimental is a U.S.S.P. Priority Mail Box in Shoe Form

This Nike Air Force 1 Experimental is a U.S.S.P. Priority Mail Box in Shoe Form

UPS — Nike’s official shipping partner — will ironically enough be delivered to consumers when it launches.

The Nike Air Force 1 Experimental is a conceptual one with colorways inspired by everything from Phoenix to Stealth but now it appears in its most unparalleled format: one that is apparently drawn from the USPS popular priority mailboxes. Nike N.354’s Air Force 1 Experimental Even though it is shocking that you see a shoe inspired by a humble white, red and blue carton case, there is another aspect at play that makes the inspiration all the better – Nike’s US shipping is almost entirely managed by UPS.

The upper and white central cream of the shoe is embedded in a foam shell that looks inside and is coated in small blue text hits that read the text ‘Air Force 1.’ A shipment-inspired white, blue and red badge, which changes the Postal Service branding of the regular label to read “Air Force 1,” “N.354,”Everyday Use,” and more, retains an unpleasant “From” hit, arrives on the heel.

A red N. 354 text struck on top of the side Swoosh, a sports blue toggle device on top of the white tongue, and an exposed berry blue, flipped heel graphics, collar, pull-tab, and outsole. Further information. Further details. The tongue and insole round the lookup with small red squeezes.

A release date for Nike Air Force 1 Experimental, inspired by USPS, has not yet been confirmed on the date of publication. But this season, it is going to probably hit the Nike website for US$120.

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