This Weekend is Beyoncé’s IVY PARK x Adidas “ICY PARK” Collection Dropping

This Weekend is Beyoncé's IVY PARK x Adidas "ICY PARK" Collection Dropping
Beyoncé’s IVY PARK x adidas “ICY PARK”

Beyoncé’s prints in the IVY PARK were never quiet but after his long cooperation with Adidas in January 2020, the final drop was noisy in the opening capsules. However, its new ICY PARK collection has already gained widespread media coverage using exceptional ice-aware sneakers and a cool lookbook.

The range consists of sweatshirts, track pants, and five pairs of shoes: a ULTREBOOST, a Super Sleek 72, and a Sleek Boot. The set consists of two choices for the Forum Mid. The “ICY PARK” subject provides exposure under harsh conditions in the majority of articles with simple white color shades and reflective detail. But the silver and gray shades are one of the original sections of Adidas, which differ from the following esthetics, but which refer to the Beyoncés snow and cold costumes and the Gucci Mane and Hailey Bieber figures. Every sneaker, like the previous releases of the IVY PARK, is accompanied by interchangeable co-branded, heel-like flight jacket tags.

On Friday, February 19, the “ICY PARK” collection will arrive at On 20 February, the European inventory is expected to be launched.

1.Ivy Park x adidas Ultra Boost “ICY PARK”

2.Ivy Park x adidas Forum Mid “ICY PARK”

3.Ivy Park x adidas Super sleek 72 “ICY PARK”

4.Ivy Park x adidas Forum Mid “ICY PARK”

5.Ivy Park x adidas Sleek Boot “ICY PARK”

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